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The Introduction of Anti-Climb Wire Mesh Fence

Anti-climb wire mesh fence  

Anti-climb wire mesh fence is a kind of special wire mesh fence products with very high security, it is also called 358 High Security Fence. This kind of wire mesh fence is produced of thick steel wire, and gap between wires is only 0.5 inch.


Anti-climb wire mesh fence has heavy weight, large size and very small opening size can prevent fingers going, also can protect the fence form cutting pliers. Anti-climb wire mesh fence can effectively prevent intrusions and it is very suitable for warehouse, private land, airport, frontiers and prisons where is need high defense level.

Product Features:

Anti-impact: The fence is very heavy with large size, it has good impact resistance.

Anti-climb: The fence has very small opening size to prevent fingers get in.

Anti-cutting: The thick wire and small opening size can prevent cutting pliers get in.

The Parameters and Specifications of Anti-Climb Wire Mesh Fence

The Main Parameters of Anti-Climb Wire Mesh Fence:

WFence Width), H(Fence Height), SD*LD (Opening Size), T(Wire Thickness).

Anti-climb wire mesh fence

Following is the common specifications of anti-climb wire mesh fence

We can also bend the anti-climb wire mesh fence or do other treatment according to our clients requirement. And anti-climb wire mesh fence can set the razor barbed wire on the top to increase the protection effect.

Common Specifications of Anti-Climb Wire   Mesh Fence


Carbon Steel Wire, Galvanized Steel Wire

Wire Diameter

4~6mm (4mm common used)

Opening Size


Fence Width

1000mm~3000mm2200mm common used

Fence Height

1000mm~6000mm (2500mm, 3000mm common   used)

Installation Option

Square Tube Post, Square Tube Frame   (60*60mm, 80*60mm)

Surface Treatment

PVC coating

The Colorful Wire Mesh Fence


We can also paint the color according to the RAL number provided by our clients.


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