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Metal Mesh Curtain

Metal Mesh Curtain Application Case

● Metal Mesh Curtain, also known as Metal Mesh Drapey, is one of the leading products of BZ Wire Mesh. It contains Metal Coil Mesh(net-like), Metal Ring Mesh(ring-shaped), Metal Fabric(plate-like), Metal Chain Curtain ( chain-like ), etc. Our metal curtain products are widely use as indoor partitions, hangings, walls, curtains, etc. And mostly used in the decoration of airport, hotel, lobby, theater, office, markets, bars and private houses. Metal mesh curtain is very flexible in dimensions, it's has many colors for your choice, and very easy to install. The decoration effects also very good and can achieve special styles.


● Metal Mesh Curtain is a popular architectural wire mesh product in recent years, expanding the selection range of building decoration materials while having excellent architectural, landscape, and interior decoration performance. It mainly has the following features:


1. High strength, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, strong functionality, and the surface has undergone special treatment, making it more resistant to high temperatures and not fading;

2. It has the softness of cloth and the glossiness of metal, vivid and strong decorative effect, and can also protect building structures well;

3. It is easy and quick to install;

4. The visual effects are very rich in different lighting, environments, time periods, and viewing angles;

5. In summer, the mesh can filter sunlight to produce shadows, reducing indoor temperature; in winter, its permeability allows sunlight to enter, reducing insulation costs;

6. It can be used in various occasions and purposes, highlighting elegant temperament and extraordinary personality.


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