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The Introduction for Expanded Mesh Fence

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence 

The expanded metal mesh fence is a series of wire mesh fence using expanded mesh as the inner mesh. Expanded mesh fence normally use angle steel, square tube, flat bars as outer frames, then install the mesh to posts or other structures. The advantages of expanded mesh are no welding points on the mesh surface, high strength, good ventilation and anti climbing. And because expanded mesh is very easy for cutting, so it can be make into assemblies in any shape. Also compared with welded mesh or chain-link mesh, expanded mesh normally has smaller opening size, and has better effect for protection, that makes expanded mesh can be used as protection cover for mechanical equipment, it is also can be used as celling for buildings.

Product Features:

Beautiful mesh - regular mesh layout, has very good outlook.

Solid structure - no welding joints on the mesh surface, hard to be damaged.

Various shapes- can be produced into any shape as required.

Easy to install - the mesh assemblies can be installed easily.

The Parameters and Specifications of Expanded Mesh Fence

The main parameter of expanded mesh are mesh width(W), mesh length(L), Mesh size(SWD*LWD),Mesh opening(SWO*LWO)Strand, and thickness.

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence

Common Specifications of Expanded Metal Mesh Fence

Mesh Size





Mild Steel, Stainless Steel , Aluminum

Fence Height



Frame Type

Round tube:φ22mm-75mm

Square tube:15mm*15mm-200mm*200mm

Rectangular tube:10mm*20mm-150mm*200mm

Surface Treatment

Galvanized, PVC coating, PVDF coating

Post Installation Type

Embedded post, Flange mounting

The Applications of Expanded Mesh Fence

Critical Infrastructure Protection:

Expanded metal mesh fence, made from carbon or stainless steel, is vital for safeguarding critical infrastructure like roads, airports, and prisons, ensuring stringent security protocols are upheld.

◆ Rural Landscape Security:

In rural areas, expanded metal mesh fencing acst as reliable barriers on farms, protecting livestock and crops from trespassers and wildlife intrusion, ensuring the safety and productivity of agricultural operations.

◆ Industrial Perimeter Defense:

Within industrial sites, expanded metal mesh fences effectively delineate perimeters, safeguarding assets and equipment against theft and vandalism, while enduring the demands of industrial operations.

◆ Residential Compound Security:

For residential compounds such as villas and estates, expanded wire mesh panels offer unmatched protection, enhancing privacy and safety for homeowners and deterring intruders.

◆ Adaptability and Integration:

The adaptability of expanded metal security fences allows seamless integration into diverse environments, ensuring tailored security solutions across various applications.

The Installation of Expanded Mesh Fence

Expanded Metal Mesh Fence

The expanded mesh fence normally fixed to the outer frame by welding, and produce them into assemblies for installation.

Clients can provide drawings and BZWIREMESH can produce the finished product according to clientsrequirement.

Enhanced Security Solutions

◆ Seamless Strength

Integrated expanded metal mesh fences offer robust protection characterized by seamless strength and durability. Manufactured meticulously to eliminate weak points, these barriers fortify perimeters against intrusion and external forces, ensuring enduring security.

◆ Comprehensive Defense

Combining expanded metal mesh with complementary elements like chain link mesh, ornamental pickets, and barbed wires enhances security comprehensively. This strategic integration elevates defense mechanisms, effectively thwarting breaches of all sizes and adapting to diverse environments.

◆ Wide-ranging Protection

Equipped with unparalleled defense features, expanded metal mesh fences provide reliable protection across various applications. From critical infrastructure to residential compounds, these expanded mesh fences offer indispensable security, safeguarding assets and ensuring peace of mind.



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