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Shade Woven Wire Mesh Series

The DECORATIVE WOVEN WIRE MESH panels are made of metal wire, rod or flat bars, and the normally used material are stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloy, etc. By changing the woven method and material, the mesh can be made into various of patterns, and the decorative effects are also varied.The decorative woven mesh panels are mainly used for the decoration of facades, windows, walls, elevators, also can be the material for making partitions, ceilings, closets, handrail infills and glass interlayers. Anyway, credit to the various of patterns and wide usages, the decorative woven mesh panels is a ideal architectural decorative material.

The Shade Series woven mesh panels are produced by metal wire or flat bars, the appearance of the mesh holes are normally rectangle shape. The Shade series product can adjust the temperature of the building by changing the opening rate and transmittance of the mesh. This product can help to reduce the energy consumption of the building, and buy using different size of wire and opening size, the mesh specifications and appearances are very varied. The Shade series of mesh can be installed in large area as facade, also can be used in small sections such as windows, partitions or handrail infills.

Lattice Woven Wire Mesh Series

The Lattice Series woven mesh panels are mainly used as interior decorative material for walls, windows, partitions, ceilings, closets, etc. By using different materials, Lattice series has many types of mesh in different style. And the mesh can be used in square and diamond holes, the pattern can be changed only by changing the installation directions. Most of Lattice mesh has goods air permeability, so it can also be used in some furniture, such as closets and wardrobes, we believe this can make the products more distinctively.

Tight Wire Mesh Series

The Tight series woven mesh panels are produced by waving the wire tightly, and the main characteristic of the mesh is very low opening rate with beautiful pattern. The Tight series mesh is mainly used for the decoration for elevators and walls. After polished, the Tight series mesh will has a shiny surface and reveal the fascination of your design.

Fluctuant Woven Wire Mesh Series

The Fluctuant series woven mesh panels are woven by the wavy wires, the mesh has very beautiful appearance, and varied choices in color. The Fluctuant series mesh can be used as the decoration material for partitions, ceilings, windows, etc. And it mainly be used in Restaurant, Coffees bars and stores, this type of mesh can create an elegant atmosphere for the environment.

Laminated Glass Wire Mesh Series

The laminated glass wire mesh  series mesh has varied woven type, it is mainly used as glass interlayers. By sandwiching the mesh inside the glass, can make the window adjust indoor light and protect privacy. This kind of mesh is widely used in hotels, business buildings, offices and other areas, has very goods decorative effect.

Decorative Woven Wire Mesh

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