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Stainless Steel Cable Mesh By BZ Wire Mesh

Inter-Woven And Ferrule Type Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

● Stainless Steel Cable Mesh, also called Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh, Stainless Steel Rope Mesh, Stainless Steel Wire Rope Mesh, it is produced of high quality stainless steel wire cable. It can be divided into ferrule type and inter-woven type by production crafts.

Due to the different styles of these two rope mesh products, we also refer to the ferrule type rope mesh as stainless steel ferrule mesh, X-TEND Mesh. The inter-woven type wire rope mesh is a pure hand-woven net, which is also called as interwoven stainless steel cable mesh, hand-woven wire rope mesh, or knotted stainless steel cable mesh.   

Ferrule pressing & Hand-weaving

Stainless steel cable mesh is made from stainless steel wire rope in various material type like AISI 304 , AISI 316 , AISI 316L etc. The selected wire rope has two main strand structures:7*7 and 7*19. Generally, when the diameter of the steel wire rope is less than 2.5mm, the strand structure is 7*7, and when it is longer than 2.5mm, the strand structure is 7*19. The ferrule material is usually stainless steel, sometimes aluminum, copper, and other materials are used. In addition, we can also oxidize or spray the surface of the stainless steel cable mesh according to customer needs.

Stainless steel cable mesh mainly has the following advantages:

1. High tensile strength with light weight.

2. Safe and environmental protection, close to nature.

3. Good resistance for weather and corrosion.

4. High transparency and good invisible effect.

5. Large mesh span for huge surface installation.

6. The structure is strong and durable, with a service life of more than 30 years

7. Various graphics and structures can be designed arbitrarily.

8. Easy to install, can be constructed on any structure.

● Stainless steel cable mesh is mainly used in the construction for wild zoos, large animal enclosure or aviaries, garden green walls, and also handrail infill or safety mesh. Stainless steel ferrule cable mesh and stainless steel inter-woven cable mesh have different characteristics and applications due to different weaving techniques. Compared with ferrule type rope mesh, the inter-woven type net is lighter in weight, more flexible, and has higher transparency, making it especially suitable for applications such as zoo mesh and fall protection netting. Ferrule type rope mesh is more aesthetically pleasing and decorative, and is often used as an architectural wire mesh for decorative and protective purposes in the construction field.

● BZ Wire Mesh plant which has been manufacturing the stainless steel mesh products since 1990, with stainless steel cable mesh being one of our specialty products. The plant's independent developed equipment's and skilled technique can ensure high quality products and sound service worldwide. In addition to providing products, we also provide design and installation technical support for our customers.

Product Types of Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

Rope mesh products are supplied in two main series according to different weave-types: Inter-woven(Knotted) and Ferrule Type. And according to the materials and ferrules we used, as well as weaving methods and different applications, wire rope mesh can be subdivided into many different styles and types of products. You can learn more about the different types of wire rope mesh through the links below.

The Material Used in Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

The main material of ss cable mesh are ss cable and various of ferrules. The cable is made from high quality stainless steel, and the ferrules are made from stainless steel, Aluminum, copper, etc.

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh

The Main Parameters of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

The standard mesh holes of SS cable inter-woven mesh is a diamond shape with 90 degrees top angle. The main parameter's for production are the cable diameter, mesh size(center distance), and the width and length of the mesh panels. For the irregular shape of mesh, we will need a drawing to produce the mesh.

stainless steel cable mesh

The standard mesh holes of SS cable ferrule mesh is a diamond shape with 60 degrees top angle. The main parameter's for production are the cable diameter, long-way and short-way of the mesh opening, and the width and length of the mesh panels. For the irregular shape of mesh, we will need a drawing to produce the mesh.

SS cable ferrule mesh has direction difference in production, the mesh can be installed in vertical or horizontal direction, in the two directions, the means of mesh length and height will be different. It is important to confirm the direction before producing the mesh.

stainless steel ferrule mesh

closed edge rope mesh

SS cable ferrule mesh also has different edge seal options, mainly including the 4 basic types.

But also, we can provide other edge seal options based on those basic options, you can find them in the catalog of our product.

sealed with standard ferrule

Sealed with standard ferrule

sealed with eye-ferrule

Sealed with eye-ferrule

sealed by cable loops

Sealed by cable loops

sealed by cable loops with standard ferrule

Sealed by cable loops with standard ferrule

Normal Specifications Of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

The normal mesh specification is cable diameter 1.2mm-3.2mm and mesh size:20mm-120mm. Apart from the normal specifications, we can customize other specifications of mesh in different cable diameters and mesh sizes.

Stainless Steel Rope Mesh
Item No.sCable DiameterMesh Opening Size

BZ-3212W1/83.24.75 x 4.75120 x 120
BZ-3210W1/83.24 x 4102 x 102
BZ-3290W1/83.23.55 x 3.5590 x 90
BZ-3276W1/83.23 x 376 x 76
BZ-3250W1/83.22 x 251 x 51
BZ-2410W3/322.44 x 4102 x 102
BZ-2490W3/322.43.55 x 3.5590 x 90
BZ-2476W3/322.43 x 376 x 76
BZ-2460W3/322.42.4 x 2.460 x 60
BZ-2450W3/322.42 x 251 x 51
BZ-2076W5/642.03 x 376 x 76
BZ-2060W5/642.02.4 x 2.460 x 60
BZ-2050W5/642.02 x 251 x 51
BZ-2038W5/642.01-1/2 x 1-1/238 x 38
BZ-1676W1/161.63 x 376 x 76
BZ-1650W1/161.62 x 251 x 51
BZ-1638W1/161.61-1/2 x 1-1/238 x 38
BZ-1630W1/161.61.2 x 1.230 x 30
BZ-1625W1/161.61 x 125.4 x 25.4
BZ-1238W3/641.21-1/2 x 1-1/238 x 38
BZ-1230W3/641.21.2 x 1.230 x 30
BZ-1225W3/641.21 x 125.4 x 25.4
BZ-1220W3/641.24/5 X 4/520 x 20
Stainless Steel Rope Mesh
Item No.sCable DiameterMesh Opening Size(W×H)

BZ-32120F1/83.24.75 x 8.23120 x 207.8
BZ-32102F1/83.24 x 6.9102 x 176.7
BZ-3290F1/83.23.55 x 6.1590 x 156
BZ-3276F1/83.23 x5.276 x 131.6
BZ-3251F1/83.22 x3.4651 x88.3
BZ-2490F3/322.43.55x6.1590x 156
BZ-2476F3/322.43 x 5.276x 131.6
BZ-2460F3/322.42.4x 4.1660x 104
BZ-2451F3/322.42x3.4651 x 88.3
BZ-2076F5/642.03 x 5.276 x 131.6
BZ-2060F5/642.02.4x 4.1660 x 104
BZ-2051F5/642.02 x 3.4651 x 88.3
BZ-2038F5/642.01-1/2 x 2.638 x 65.8
BZ-1676F1/161.61.2 x2.0876 x 131.6
BZ-1651F1/161.62x 3.4651 x 88.3
BZ-1638F1/161.61-1/2 x 2.638 x 65.8
BZ-1630F1/161.61.2x2.0830 x 52
BZ-1625F1/161.61 x 1.7325.4 x 44
BZ-1238F3/641.21-1/2x2.638 x 65.8
BZ-1230F3/641.21.2 x 2.0830 x 52
BZ-1225F3/641.21 x 1.7325.4 x 44
BZ-1220F3/641.24/5 x 1.3920 x 34.6

Normal Specifications Of Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

The stainless steel rope mesh has a unique decorative style and is more secure. The diamond hole pattern makes the grid strong and flexible. Different opening sizes can be customized to meet the different needs of customers. Widely used in interior staircase decoration, building exterior wall decoration, horizontal or vertical fall protection, dividers, exterior wall cladding, zoos, safety nets, stair railings, suspension bridges, railing fillers, etc.

The applications of ss cable mesh

BZ Wire Mesh Technique Supports

design of aviary mesh

Design consultation

BZ Wire Mesh can help our clients on the design stage, we can provide suggestions about the design and installation, offer our clients suitable installation options.

Tools and accessories for installing rope mesh

Accessories and tools

BZ Wire Mesh can provide various of accessories and tools to our clients according to different installation options.

stainless steel cable mesh installation

Installed elements

BZ Wire Mesh can provide the mesh fixed with the frame or other elements as required, this can make the mesh easier to be installed and reduce the installation time.

Construction team of BZWIREMESH

Installation guidance service

BZ Wire Mesh has a professional team to guide the installation on our clients' construction site when it necessary.

The Project BZ Wire Mesh Involved

BZ company has finished several important projects in recently years, provide stainless steel cable mesh and service in good quality for our clients, help them to design the options and install the stainless steel cable mesh, and received good reputation from our clients around the world.

Wild animal zoo in Colombia

Wild Animal Zoo in Colombia(13000 ㎡, Woven Type, Bronze Color)

Airport Ceiling system in Mauritius

Airport Ceiling System in Mauritius( 7000 ㎡, Ferrule Type, Supplied With Frame)

Bali zoo in Indonesia

Bali Zoo in Indonesia(850㎡, Woven Type)

Hand rail system in London

Hand Rail System in London(350㎡, Ferrule Type)

Ferrule Type Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Bird Aviary in Vadaroda India(10200㎡, Ferrule Type)

Climbing Stainless Steel Rope Mesh Installation Site

Science Museum Climbing Net Project in Qingdao(Stainless Steel Cable Mesh, 480㎡, Ferrule Type)

Seaside Sculpture With SS Cable Mesh Elements

Sculpture Work, Material: SS Ferrule Cable Mesh, etc., 120 m2. Cleveland, USA.

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