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The Introduction of Stainless Steel Window Screen

Stainless Steel Window Screen

Stainless steel window screen is a kind of stainless steel woven mesh, it is made of high quality stainless steel wire by woven machine, the product can be provided in rolls or panels.

Stainless steel window screen has stainless steel insect mesh and stainless steel bullet proof mesh two types.

Stainless steel window screens offer exceptional wear resistance and increased visibility due to the finer wire diameter. This insect mesh is much sturdier than standard insect screens, providing excellent airflow and meeting high standards for insect protection.

Stainless Steel Insect Mesh

Stainless steel insect mesh, also called stainless steel mosquito mesh, it is a common type widely used stainless steel mesh screen. The wire diameter of insect mesh is small( below 0.3mm), the mosquito net is very thin and light, easy for cutting and installation. Normally used in windows and doors in the building.

Stainless Steel Mosquito Mesh

Woven Type: Plain Woven

Material: SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, we can also provide iron or galvanized mesh according to clients' requirement.

Surface treatment: Naturel surface of stainless steel or PVC coating or spray painting, the color is normally in black.

Applications: Stainless steel insect mesh is widely used as the insect prevent material for  doors and windows in houses, office buildings, livestock farms.

Features: Very light weight, Good effect for insect prevents, Good light transmittance, Good air permeability, Good corrosion resistance, Fire resistance

Stainless steel mosquito mesh advantages :

1.As an excellent building material, stainless steel mosquito mesh is a type of stainless steel wire mesh with fine wire diameter and low mesh count. Stainless steel mosquito mesh has a very effective mosquito and fly prevention effect, not only for ordinary mosquitoes, flies, and insects but also for very small midges that grow in humid areas.

2. Due to high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning, stainless steel mosquito net is a superior material for door and window protection compared to typical nylon and wire mesh window screens.

3.Stainless steel window screens are a better choice as they offer enhanced durability and protection. It also allows good airflow, black finish for superior visibility. Can be safely used with pressure-treated wood.

Common Specificaitons of Stainless Steel Insect Mesh
MaterialMesh CountWire Diameter(mm)Roll Size



Iron Wire
       Surface:Galvanized&baking finish(Mostly in Green of Atrovirens)

Considerations When Choosing Stainless Steel Mosquito Mesh:

The density of the mesh openings in stainless steel mosquito mesh is known as mesh counts. The key to selecting the appropriate stainless steel mosquito mesh lies in choosing the right mesh count. Mesh count refers to the number of openings in a square inch (2.54x2.54cm²). For instance, a 50x50 wire mesh in stainless steel mosquito mesh indicates that there are 50x50 openings in a 1 square inch area. The mesh counts for indoor stainless steel mosquito mesh range from 17 to 50. Mesh size is related to the size of insects.


Therefore, when selecting stainless steel mosquito mesh, it's essential to determine which insects you want to prevent. If the mesh count is too small and the openings are too large, it won't effectively prevent insects. If the mesh count is too large and the openings are too small, although it prevents insects, it can increase the cost of the stainless steel mosquito mesh, increase ventilation resistance, and impact light-blocking effects.

Stainless Steel Bullet-proof Mesh

Stainless Steel Bullet Proof Mesh

Item: Stainless Steel Bullet-proof Mesh

Woven Type: Plain Woven

Material: SS304,SS316, SS316L,

Surface treatment: The normally used treatment is powder coating, and the colors are black,

Applications: Bullet-proof mesh is used in the windows and doors for office buildings, hotels and houses.

Features: Flat surface with high strength, Anti cutting and anti crashing, Good light transmittance, Good protection from insect, Good privacy protection, Good corrosion resistance.

Bullet-Proof wire mesh, also known as stainless steel security mesh or super security screen, is woven from stainless steel wire and coated with powder on the surface to enhance its strength. Stainless steel bullet proof mesh is installed on the roofs, doors, and windows of buildings to protect areas and spaces from bullets and potential attacks.

Stainless steel bullet proof mesh features:

1.Easy to clean, smooth surface, uniform mesh aperture

2.Fireproof, secure, theft-resistant, Prevent insects, mosquitoes, mice and thieves from invading, and maintain air circulation.

3.Transparent with no glare; indoors appear as if illuminated by colored glass, while outdoors looking in appears blurred.

4.Electrostatic powder coating, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, The high-quality AkzoNobel powder coating has high corrosion resistance and exceeds the salt spray test standard.

5.Optimal impact resistance, stainless steel security mesh passes the knife and scissors test, will not be damaged, and has good tear resistance and puncture resistance. High tension can prevent knife cutting and bullet shooting.

Stainless steel bullet proof mesh applications:

1.Security protection for homes and workplaces, used for theft prevention, bullet resistance, strong impact resistance, and insect prevention.

2.Utilized in high-end office buildings, residences, various types of constructions, livestock farms, orchards for doors and window protective equipment.

BZWIREMESH provide stainless steel security screen material samples for engineer approval. For any special requirements and questions, please feel free to contact us!

The Common Specifications of Bullet-proof Mesh
Mesh CountWire Diameter (mm)Opening Size (mm)Dimensions (mm)



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