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Metal wire mesh fence are a series of products used for isolation and protection, metal wire mesh fence has the advantages of low price, easy for installation good strength, beautiful appearance and long service life, it is widely used in the enclosure and protection of gardens, buildings, traffic facilities, factories, warehouses, stadiums, airports and other areas, as well as protection and isolation of farms, pastures, orchards and other large-scale sites.

Wire mesh fence is made in a similar way to woven fabric. Wires are woven together to form wire meshes in different patterns. Welding wire mesh simply lays the vertical wire on top of the horizontal wire and uses a welding process that fuses the two wires together. Materials used to make wire mesh fence include carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum mesh, and stainless steel. Heavier wire mesh fences must be pre-crimped. After the crimping process, the material is still very durable and strong.

BZWIREMESH produce and sales various of metal wire mesh fence products, it is mainly including Welded Wire Mesh Fence, Anti-Climb Wire Mesh Fence, Chain-link Wire Mesh Fence, Expanded Metal Mesh Fence, Picket Fencing, Razor Barbed Tape& Razor Barbed Fence.

Welded Wire Mesh Fence, also called welded wire mesh guardrail or welded wire guardrail, is a commonly used guardrail product. Welded mesh fence board has the advantages of good strength, beautiful appearance, low cost and convenient installation.

Anti-climbing Wire Mesh Fence is also known as 358 high security fence. It is a special wire mesh fence product with very high safety. Thick wire and small opening size can prevent cutting pliers from entering.

Chain Link Wire Mesh Fence have a flexible surface that absorbs impact and keeps people safe, making them ideal for use in stadiums, outdoor basketball courts, baseball fields, golf courses, and other facilities that require extremely high wire.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Fence has low cost and good preventive effect, and it is easy to install. For detailed information and product suggestions, welcome to contact us!

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