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Shade Woven Wire Mesh Series

● Shade Woven Wire Mesh is a common type of architectural wire mesh that serves both shading and decorative purposes. The shade series woven mesh panels are produced by metal wire or flat bars, the appearance of the mesh holes are normally rectangle shape. The shade series woven wire mesh can adjust the temperature of the building by changing the opening rate and transmittance of the mesh. This product can help to reduce the energy consumption of the building, and buy using different size of wire and opening size, the mesh specifications and appearances are very varied. The shade series woven mesh can be installed in large area as facade, also can be used in small sections such as windows, partitions or handrail infills.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminium Alloy, Round wire or Flat wire.

Weave: Crimped weave, Plain weave, Twill weave, Multi-heddle weave.

Size: Maximum Width 4 M

Surface Finish: Metallic Natural, Metallic paint spraying, PVC coating, PVD plating.

Application: Decoration and shading of windows, doors and building facades.

Features: High-grade atmosphere, Various styles, Sun and wind protection, Strong and durable.

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