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Shade Woven Wire Mesh Series

The DECORATIVE WOVEN WIRE MESH panels are made of metal wire, rod or flat bars, and the normally used material are stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloy, etc. By changing the woven method and material, the mesh can be made into various of patterns, and the decorative effects are also varied.The decorative woven mesh panels are mainly used for the decoration of facades, windows, walls, elevators, also can be the material for making partitions, ceilings, closets, handrail infills and glass interlayers. Anyway, credit to the various of patterns and wide usages, the decorative woven mesh panels is a ideal architectural decorative material.

The Shade Series woven mesh panels are produced by metal wire or flat bars, the appearance of the mesh holes are normally rectangle shape. The Shade series product can adjust the temperature of the building by changing the opening rate and transmittance of the mesh. This product can help to reduce the energy consumption of the building, and buy using different size of wire and opening size, the mesh specifications and appearances are very varied. The Shade series of mesh can be installed in large area as facade, also can be used in small sections such as windows, partitions or handrail infills.

Decorative woven wire mesh is one of the most popular decorative interior metal products. BZwiremesh has been producing decorative woven mesh since its establishment in 1998. We offer a variety of materials for construction wire mesh such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, phosphor bronze and other high quality alloy materials. In addition, we offer a variety of styles to meet customer needs.


Decorative woven wire mesh is used to decorate the interiors of screens and panels where it is necessary to partially block the view while also allowing the free flow of air. There are various styles of construction mesh, such as metal curtains (fireplace mesh curtains, chainmail curtains, chain curtains, etc.), and woven meshes include panels, screens, sheets, grilles, etc.


Woven wire mesh used for interiors is usually made of brass, a metal that not only has its own natural beauty but is also suitable for coloring in many ways. Coloring and electroplating processes enhance the elegant and timeless form of decorative stencils. Decorative woven mesh can also be made of aluminum or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the strongest of the standard woven mesh materials.


Choose Decorative Woven Mesh

This usually depends on the size of the holes or whether different woven wire meshes are chosen to combine into one panel. Wire mesh with large holes and narrow wires has a higher percentage of open area than stencils with small holes and wide wires. You can choose the product according to the specific application.


BZwiremesh provides hundreds of styles of decorative mesh panels, our products are not limited to these styles, if you want to customize, please contact us, you can also send design drawings, we produce according to your drawings.

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