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Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Cable Mesh is made of high-quality stainless steel, a fabric with special elasticity and flexibility. It was invented in 2000 and the use of Cable Mesh opened up a new world of spatial possibilities. There is no doubt that it quickly swept the global market due to its high strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

As one of the leading cable net manufacturers in China, BZ Wire Mesh mainly provides three types of cable nets: cable square woven mesh, cable opened ferrule mesh and cable inter-woven mesh.

Knotted and ferrule cable nets are both diamond-shaped patterns, but the cable combinations are different. The former Cable is intertwined with each other, while the latter is named after the seamless ferrule used for combination. For square cable nets, our company can provide no less than six types to meet the different needs of your project. Under normal circumstances, the knot type and clamp type are more popular with our customers.

The stainless steel cable net is made of SUS304, SUS316, SUS316L and other stainless steel wire ropes and two main strand structures: 7*7 and 7*19. Our mesh products provide two main series according to different weaving types: interwoven type and ferrule type. The ferrule type series are divided into aluminum alloy mesh and stainless steel mesh according to the material of the ferrule.

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Features of flexible stainless steel wire cable mesh

①Transparent stainless steel cable mesh structure;

② Durable, rust-proof stainless steel cable net material;

③ Flexible wire rope mesh panels to adapt to various designs;

④ The stainless steel wire rope zoo net provides absolute safety;

⑤ Customized panel size with hand-woven steel wire mesh, easy to install;

⑥ Maintenance-free stainless steel rope net saves budget.

Stainless steel cable mesh has excellent flexible performance,It is have a wide range of applications, including: balustrade infill, animal enclosures, art forms, plant supports, safety nets, fencing and aviaries etc, Because of its flexibility, it can be applied to almost all complex terrain and irregular space.


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Stainless Steel Cable Mesh
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