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Architectural Wire Mesh: Everything You Need To Know

Jul. 12, 2022

Facade Metal Mesh

Facade Metal Mesh

Facade metal mesh is also called Architectural Mesh or Decorative Mesh, it is a new type of material used for facades. Facade metal mesh has various types and styles, and the product features are different for different mesh types, and it provides multiple choices for Architects.

Architectural wire mesh continues to be one of the most popular materials for interior and exterior finishes because of its incredible strength and durability, as well as its sophisticated appearance. If you are considering different materials for your project, here is what you need to know about architectural wire mesh.

What is architectural wire mesh?

Architectural wire mesh is usually referred to as woven wire mesh. Woven wire mesh is a flexible mesh that is formed by weaving longitudinal and transverse wires together to create tension. Because it can be bent without breaking, woven wire mesh is ideal for railings, balconies, screens, and ventilation. And because it can be adapted to any shape, woven wire mesh is also used for interior decoration and artistic purposes.

Decorative Perforated Metal

Decorative Perforated Metal

What types of architectural wire mesh are available?

Woven wire mesh is available in many different designs, depending on the end-use and desired aesthetics. Specification options include

Stainless Steel: Architectural wire mesh is made from 304 and 316-grade stainless steel, making it a durable exterior material or creating an industrial, minimalist look for the interior.

Brass: Brass wire mesh is becoming increasingly popular due to the continued trend toward metals and a move toward warmer metals. Interior designers often use brass wire mesh to add high-end glamour and shine without the costly expense.

Brass is a beautiful metal that will enhance the look and feel of your home. Think of the possibilities for decorating windows, cabinets, and railings. Give your home a fresh look and add security.

Tight or Open Weave Mesh: Woven wire mesh can be specified with different percentages of open area to create tightly woven or more widely spaced architectural grids. It is also available in a double mesh design.

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Advantages of using wire mesh in interior design

Wire mesh in interior design is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and versatility of the material, ensuring solutions with an excellent price-performance ratio, and the ability to combine functionality and creativity. Depending on the type of application, it is actually possible to choose between different meshes, materials, sizes, finishes, types of cuts, or widths of the motifs.

The production technology of decorative wire mesh is very advanced. This allows to keep the properties constant over time and avoids geometric changes. The resistance of decorative wire mesh used to coat interior design objects ensures safety, strength, impact resistance, and, above all, sustainability.



Wire mesh has many uses, including decorative applications.

Architectural wire mesh can be used as a ceiling, the mesh is colorful and with special style. Also, metal decorative wire mesh has the advantages of being lightweight, good ventilation, and fire resistance. 

Architectural mesh can be used as wall decoration, the metal texture of wire mesh can be combined with the design of lighting and shows an attractive outlook.

Architectural wire mesh can be used as an inner partition to divide and decorate inner room space, it can be used in the decoration of restaurants, coffee, hotel, etc. 

Architectural wire mesh including the metal curtain series products mainly used to decorate the show window and French window, metal curtain has a colorful outlook and special style.

Inner Partition

Inner Partition

Enhance your projects with decorative wire mesh that fits any decor!

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