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How to Choose the Best Aviary Wire Mesh?

Apr. 26, 2022

Aviary wire mesh is manufactured especially for large cages. The mesh is constructed of a durable metal material, and the hexagonal or square shapes provide a perfect perching and climbing material. Wire mesh sizes vary, so select the smaller diameter mesh to contain the smallest birds.


When selecting aviary wire mesh, look for powder-coated or vinyl-coated wire and avoid mesh that contains sharp barbs as well as plain galvanized metal.


The mesh is made of durable metal and the hexagonal or square shape provides the perfect perching and climbing material. Wire mesh varies in size, so choose a smaller diameter mesh to accommodate the smallest birds. When choosing aviary wire mesh, look for powder-coated or vinyl-coated wire and avoid wire containing sharp barbs as well as plain galvanized metal.


Not all types of wire mesh are alike. Some metal mesh is constructed of stainless steel or wrought iron, some galvanized metal, and others of coated metal. Stainless steel is the best wire mesh for bird cages, as it resists bacteria growth and rust, and does not contain minerals that are toxic to birds.

 Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

 Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Flexible Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

Flexible stainless steel cable mesh is produced by a stainless steel cable, the structure of mesh is very tough and has good strength. The production size of cable mesh can be very large, which is very suitable for the aviaries in large dimensions. Flexible stainless steel cable mesh has a flexible surface that can be used as roofing or wall of the aviaries. The material has good resistance to corrosion and a very long service life. Also, the appearance of cable mesh is beautiful and also very transparent without affecting the ornamental effect of animals.


View more information about the best stainless steel cable mesh, click here.


Some aviary wire mesh is constructed of metal dipped in vinyl or coated with a special paint, called powder-coat. This mesh is very durable and prevents the possible poisoning of the bird.

 Chain-link Wire Mesh Fence

 Chain-link Wire Mesh Fence

Chain-link Wire Mesh Fence

The chain-link wire mesh fence is woven by spiral metal wire, and the surface is soft and flexible and is the production of birds. The width and length of chain-link wire mesh fence can be very large, and also it has low cost, making it very suitable to be used as walls for large size aviaries. Normally the mesh size of a chain-link wire mesh fence is large so it is suitable to be used for large size birds or land birds.


Aviary wire mesh is usually made of smooth metal. You should always check to make sure the mesh is tight and welded. Look for wire products from a reputable manufacturer. Such manufacturers usually want to maintain a good reputation, so they make quality products and are more likely to answer consumer concerns.


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What is the best wire for an aviary?

The best wire for an aviary provides a sturdy and safe enclosure without blocking light and air. Since people want to enjoy the birds, the mesh should provide plenty of open spaces to see through. The mesh must also be strong enough to protect the birds from outside predators and falling debris such as tree branches.


The wire mesh should be suitable for the type of bird in the enclosure. Macaws and African Greys have much stronger beaks and biting power than finches and need a thicker gauge wire for the pen. However, small parakeets may fit through larger holes, so a thin wire with small openings allows onlookers a better view while preventing the bird's escape.

 Welded Wire Mesh

 Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh is produced by welding metal wire together, the surface of welded wire mesh is flat and the welding joint is very tough, it is a good material used to produce aviaries and cages. The specifications of welded mesh are various which can match any bird specials. And the welded wire mesh is easy to cut and processed, making it can match any design of the aviaries.


Weather also determines what type of mesh is best. Locations that receive heavy snow during the winter require a thicker, more robust gage of mesh to withstand the weight. Bird owners that live in areas that get a lot of rain may want to consider a product that resists rust. On the other hand, people who live in areas with extensive heat should think about using a coated metal product to prevent burning when touched.


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