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Four Common Installation Forms of Razor Barbed Wire in Construction

Aug. 19, 2023

Razor Barbed Wire generally comes in two installation forms: straight-line installation and spiral cross installation. Based on the installation method, the specific products can be classified as flat razor barbed wire, straight-type razor barbed wire, spiral-type razor barbed wire, and razor barbed wire fence. Each type has its own unique applications. Below, we will introduce the usage scenarios of each Razor Wire model.


Razor Barbed Wire

1. Spiral-type razor barbed wire

Spiral razor barbed wire is the most widely used type, known for its simple installation and excellent theft deterrent effect. Over 80% of the market consists of this type of Razor Wire. The diameter can be selected according to customer requirements, with the most common being 50 centimeters.


2. Straight-type razor barbed wire

The straight-type razor barbed wire is the same as the regular spiral razor wire, but it lacks the last step of processing, meaning it doesn't have fasteners. Its appearance and packaging are similar to the general Razor Wire. When opened, it can be stretched into a straight line, making it suitable for use in tourist destinations, park fences, and isolation barriers. The main anti-corrosion forms are electroplating and hot-dip galvanizing. It is commonly used for protection in residential areas, parks, and farms.


3. Flat-laying razor barbed wire

The manufacturing process of flat-laying razor barbed wire differs significantly from spiral razor barbed wire in the fastening process. The razor barbed wire components are laid flat on the ground, arranged in circular shapes with proper spacing, and then processed with fasteners. The fastening process involves attaching two razor wire strands at a distance, resulting in a flat-plane structure for the entire razor barbed wire. The final product has a stacked circular appearance, which is aesthetically pleasing.


4. Diamond-shaped hole razor barbed wire fence

The diamond-shaped hole razor barbed wire fence provides a unique appearance, with holes of varying sizes and an outer frame for added stability. The net-like razor blade wire has sharp and pointed edges, preventing unauthorized climbing. Welded razor barbed wire and serpentine-shaped razor barbed wire can be combined to play a significant role in border and prison security.


Razor Barbed Wire and Razor Wire Fence are now widely used in high-security areas such as prisons and military bases. Their protective capabilities have gained recognition from the government, assuring everyone of their reliability.


Razor Barbed Wire 

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