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Why Wire Mesh Is Perfect for Interior Designers?

Sep. 16, 2022

Decorative wire mesh is a wire mesh product used for architectural and interior decoration. It can be made from a variety of metals and is a new environmentally friendly decorative material.

Decorative wire mesh is a series of metal wires woven together in a variety of patterns, sizes, and gauges. This type of mesh is often referred to as architectural mesh and metal fabric. It can be used to enhance design elements or to create new aesthetic visual interest in an architectural space.

This type of product can be used in almost any application to suit the needs of the purchaser. Decorative wire mesh can be found indoors, used as paneling on staircases, in open window frames, and beneath railings.

Architectural wire mesh is available in various styles such as metal curtains (fireplace mesh curtains, chain mail curtains, chain curtains, etc.) and woven wire mesh in panels, screens, sheets, grilles, etc.

Metal Curtain

Metal Curtain

Decorative mesh for hotels, restaurants, and lobbies adds modernity, art, and elegance to buildings and interiors, and also creates a pleasant environment.

Decorative metal mesh for outdoor use not only requires durability but also require excellent corrosion resistance, especially in humid environments and near the seaside. Decoration mesh used indoors is not only aesthetically pleasing but also artistic. Therefore, the material of the decorative mesh is especially important.

Decorative Perforated Metal

Decorative Perforated Metal

Outdoors, this mesh can be used for industrial purposes such as protective fencing, as well as additional railing and stairway supports, as plant support structures in ornamental gardening, and as screening around outdoor porches.

Customers interested in purchasing decorative wire mesh can usually find a limited selection at their local hardware shop. A wider selection can often be obtained by ordering online directly from the wiring manufacturer. Each roll of mesh ordered in this manner is usually cut to the size measurements provided by the purchaser prior to shipment.

Wall Decoration

Wall Decoration

Why wire mesh is perfect for interior designers?

Used to retain metal mesh in homes for practical purposes such as window screens and vents. However, with advances in technology, this material has become more versatile. For example, decorative wire mesh can provide acoustic insulation for ceilings. 

Available in a wide range of metals weaves, and patterns, it can decorate walls with an artistic touch and transform furniture, lighting, and other design elements. More and more interior designers are gravitating towards decorative metal mesh for a number of reasons.

Furniture Decoration

Furniture Decoration


The wide choice of materials allows designers to capture the aesthetic of their clients. Depending on the finish, it can bring a vintage or contemporary feel to a space.

Mesh can be used as a cost-effective material to create unique sculptures in modern homes. Even a partition wall can become a work of art.

Laminated Glass Wire Mesh

Laminated Glass Wire Mesh


Decorative wire mesh can bring any project vision to life. Designers can choose from a wide range of materials to create the look they prefer; including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and stainless steel. In modern homes, stainless steel is often the perfect choice. When used in conjunction with stair railings it can be used to create an industrial look or to add a soft, modern touch to a lighting feature.


Decorative wire mesh is easy to maintain. It doesn't fray or fade like fabric and doesn't need to be dry-cleaned. Often, all you need is a vacuum. On tablets, the mesh can provide a delicately decorative touch that is also scratch-resistant as well as strong enough to hold a heavier centerpiece.

Interior designers will likely continue to find innovative ways to incorporate decorative wire mesh into their spaces. If you have a few ideas of your own, we’re here to help! BZWIREMESH produces various types of decorative wire mesh which can meet the requirements of clients all around the world. For more information and consultation, contact us here! 

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